Friday, July 10, 2009

Fountain Fun

On Thursday we enjoyed a little break from as we headed to Suwannee for a little fountain fun. T We met some of the moms from my MOPS group along with our best friends Emma and Payton.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kyler doesn't do photos...

I started taking pictures of Kyler on the beach and the longer I stood there, the more exasperated he got. It's best explained in pictures...


4th of July

The 4th of July began with our annual trip to the Loganville parade. There's not much to it, some tractors, old cars, horses, and motorcycles, but the kids love it.

After the parade, we headed up to the OC church where they were holding a car show. I would have never wanted to go do that, but things change when you have a boy. He ooh'ed and ahh'ed and wanted to touch each and every one (even though there was a "Do not touch" sign on each one). Wryeton liked the arts and crafts part and I was talked into buying a ribbon halo.

After lunch at Granny and Dadaddy's, we went home and had a marathon nap. Good thing because we were up late watching fireworks. The Riddles invited us over for a steak cookout. We all gorged ourselves on all the food. We had steak, salad, baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, creamed corn, watermelon, and Alicia's red, white, and blue dippers. We had homemade vanilla ice cream and red, white, and blue jello pie for dessert. The kids then played in the baby pool and sprinklers in the front yard before we left to go see fireworks.

Dan led us to the middle of no where to go see fireworks. I had never even heard of the town of Gratis so I was a little skeptical about the show. Michael laughed and joked how the fireworks were going to be some farmer holding up Roman Candles and sparkles. Boy were we wrong! We were pleasantly suprised to watch the solid half hour of amazing fireworks! It was a great fourth!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Fun~ Part 2

We just got back from a fun vacation with the Danley Family in Panama City Beach.

We packed all the kids in my Tahoe and the boys took Eric's truck with most of the luggage and we were off! The kids were actually very well behaved on the way down as they watched DVD's, colored, and played the Leapster. Our only small problem was them constantly asking us if we were there yet. Leigh-Ann and I took a tally and had a competition to see who's kids asked the most. It was a close score, but my kids asked the least (by 2 I think). However, there was a time when Wryeton asked about 6 times within 30 minutes when I thought I was surely going to lose.
Our days consisted of the beach and pool in the morning, a relaxing nap in the middle of the day and good food at night. Michael made his low country boil on our last night there, but this time he added crab legs along with the shrimp. It was yummy!
Some memorable moments from the trip include:
-Standing in the Wal-Mart line for 45 minutes waiting to check out with the rest of Panama City. It looked like an Atlanta Wal-Mart when the threat of snow is looming. The poor lady next to us had melted popsicles in her cart.
-Using a prehistoric ice-cream maker that took 4 hours to freeze and churn the ice cream (I'm not kidding on the time)
- Having to wade through the seaweed to get to a clear spot in the ocean. When you got out of the ocean, you were covered in green slime. Thankfully, the seaweed moved out near the end of the week and the ocean water was clear and beautiful.
-Being asked to move our tent so a wedding could take place on the beach. Are you kidding me?
- Wryeton learning how to do handstands in the pool.
- Leigh-Ann's yummy sangrias.
- Michael's awesome low country boil.
-Teaching the Danleys how to play Killer Bunnies and then vowing never to play it again because the fun arguments it caused :)
- Seeing Wryeton and Kyler's sweet faces as they rode the go-carts for the first time.
-Getting my first tattoo... yeah, I'm so kidding on that one! Just checking to see if you were actually paying attention :)

Here are some pictures from our trip.