Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Imaginations at Play

We visited Imaginations at Play in Buford this morning for a playdate and the kids had a blast! It was such a cute place with different areas for the kids to play pretend.

They had a "music treehouse" filled with different instruments for the kids to play.

They had a green screen for the kids to star in their own movie. There were dress up clothes but Wryeton didn't want to use them for her movie.
There was a sandbox full of moon sand.

Wryeton loved the paint area!

They could pretend they were veterinarians.

Kyler loved the train table.

There was a huge bathtub with bubbles and fishing galore.

There was a grocery store where the kids could shop or be the grocery clerk...

We will definitely be back to visit again!


  1. Stopped by your other blog, as well, but I saw that you were a DZ on Monogram Chick's blog. Me too, so I wanted to say Hello!

  2. I was a DZ at GC&SU in Milledgeville, GA. Small school, but we had a good chapter! What about you? Where were you a DZ?