Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!

Everyone, that is, except for me and Kyler. Wryeton and Michael are taking Tai Kwon Do together and I don't think it was anything either of them expected. 

Wryeton is very slow to warm up to anything new and she really wanted some peer support there, so she basically refused to do anything. That is, until Master Choi came over and made her feel totally comfortable by making it fun for her. She was kicking and punching in no time.

Michael was so busy worrying about Wryeton that he didn't realize he was getting an incredible workout with his black belt partner. Poor Kyler wants to participate so badly but he still has to wait until he's 4.  So until then, we'll kick and punch on the sidelines. 

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  1. Happy Wednesday!! I am passing on an award to you because I think your blog is fabulous. Stop by and pick it up and have a great day!!