Monday, March 24, 2008

The Princess is four!

I never felt this day would come, then again most of the important milestones in my kids' lives have caught me off guard. Wryeton turned four in March and it took a while for us to pin down exactly what kind of party she wanted. I was worried that we would end up with a DoraCinderMontana Party. Thankfully she finally decided she wanted a party like mommy 'does' , so we went with a Princess and Pirate party.

I planned for weeks for this party because I wanted to make sure everything was just right with the perfect party favors, the perfect cake, and the perfect activities. Unfortunately, the flu did not care how important our princess' birthday was because Michael and I both got it about 3 days before her party. I cried and pleaded with myself to just start feeling better, but my body didn't care. I had a couple of breakdowns with the thought that I wouldn't be able to follow through with all of my elaborate plans. It's funny, though, because once the party came around, Wryeton didn't even notice that the cream puff pastries weren't served or musical crowns wasn't played. She had a blast because her friends were there and she was able to play with them. I do have to thank my mother-in-law, Debra and my friend LA for pulling through during the party. Debra made sure the food was all together and LA took care of the kids. It was a magical day!

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