Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy (late) Birthday Michael!

Michael turned 31 yesterday and I wanted to show everyone the fish he caught a couple of weeks ago. Michael's dad, Gregg, took him fly-fishing for his birthday present. They go with their favorite fishing guide, Rex, up in the North Georgia Mountains. You would think Rex was a family member as much as he is talked about around here. He's a talented fisherman and a really cool guy and that's why Gregg and Michael love to go fishing with him. Michael, Gregg, Rex, and Michael's best friend Nathan, traveled to the Chestatee river so that they could fish and get some beautiful pictures of the river (that was Nathan's job).  Michael caught about 30 fish that day and they were about to call it a day, when Michael's line pulled. As he was pulling in, Rex knew it was a biggie as he turned around to Gregg and mouthed "Oh my God".  The fish was 27 inches long, and about 6 pounds! It was quite an acclomplishment as some avid fly-fishers fish a long time to catch a fish this large. Happy Birthday Baby! 

Rex and Michael 

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