Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts

I was so excited to find that the kids had their Easter egg hunts on two different days since there are 2 of them and only 1 me! Wryeton's egg hunt was at Walnut Grove Park and it was about 45 degrees! The kids still had a lot of fun but because of the weather, no one stayed to picnic.

To make the hunt fair, the teachers number the easter eggs from 1-14 and then assign each child a number. Wryeton had the number 2! So we were off to find 14 eggs with the number 2! 

As you can see by the shorts and sudresses below, Kyler's egg hunt was a little warmer. It was a perfect spring day! Kyler was not so thrilled with finding his eggs. His teachers let them go and grab as many as they could and then she divided them evenly. I think he was intimidated by everyone running around and the craziness. After finding one egg, he started screaming and threw the basket across the courtyard. He settled down when he heard it was time to eat lunch (the boy never misses a meal!)

Kyler with his class- the sun was in his eyes. 

Kyler pouting after he threw his easter basket. 

Everyone have a Happy Easter and remember the reason we celebrate- because HE is Alive!! 


  1. Does someone always throw a basket during your egg hunts:)? I LOVE the pouting picture!

    Just teasing - Kyler did get the better weather!

  2. I know, right!? We actually give them a lesson on how to throw their basket when they enter preschool!