Monday, April 27, 2009

Wryeton's Five Year old Pictures

Michael's best friend, Nathan, took these fabulous pictures at Vines Botanical Gardens for Wryeton's five year old pictures.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy (late) Birthday Michael!

Michael turned 31 yesterday and I wanted to show everyone the fish he caught a couple of weeks ago. Michael's dad, Gregg, took him fly-fishing for his birthday present. They go with their favorite fishing guide, Rex, up in the North Georgia Mountains. You would think Rex was a family member as much as he is talked about around here. He's a talented fisherman and a really cool guy and that's why Gregg and Michael love to go fishing with him. Michael, Gregg, Rex, and Michael's best friend Nathan, traveled to the Chestatee river so that they could fish and get some beautiful pictures of the river (that was Nathan's job).  Michael caught about 30 fish that day and they were about to call it a day, when Michael's line pulled. As he was pulling in, Rex knew it was a biggie as he turned around to Gregg and mouthed "Oh my God".  The fish was 27 inches long, and about 6 pounds! It was quite an acclomplishment as some avid fly-fishers fish a long time to catch a fish this large. Happy Birthday Baby! 

Rex and Michael 

Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday started with a visit from the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny has gotten more generous from when I was a kid! 

Here's Kyler's loot: A new book for our Tag Reading system, cotton candy, cereal bowls, bee garden tools, a cookie, gum, egg-shaped sidewalk chalk, socks, and jelly beans. 

Here's Wryeton's loot: A princess game for the DS, cotton candy, cereal bowls, ladybug garden tools, a cookie, gum, egg-shaped sidewalk chalk, socks, and jelly beans.

We then headed to church to celebrate our Risen King! We had a wonderful service with an emotional drama at the end. We took some pictures after the service before the kids messed up their nice clothes. Kyler was wearing a white shirt...enough said!

After church we went to see Ms. Amber in the hospital. She had baby Kai 2 months early because of Amber's high blood pressure.  Kai was born on Friday and weighed 3 lbs. and 3 oz. She is having some help in the NICU breathing, but other than that, she's great! 

We were then off to Grandma Creech's house to eat a yummy lunch! Cousin Dillon was there and the kids had a small egg hunt. Kyler and Wryeton looked for most of the eggs while Dillon ate the chocolate eggs :) 

Our day ended at Granny and Dadaddy's house. We ate dinner, celebrated Daddy's birthday with a Carvel Ice Cream cake...yum!, and had another egg hunt.   

Diggin' in the dirt

Dadaddy and Granny came over on Friday with the tiller to help start our garden. They brought over strawberry and tomato plants. 

The tiller was loud, but Wryeton wasn't scared- she started working right away! 

Kyler, on the other hand, wasn't so sure about it!

Kyler finally built up some courage...

We had a fun day digging in the dirt!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts

I was so excited to find that the kids had their Easter egg hunts on two different days since there are 2 of them and only 1 me! Wryeton's egg hunt was at Walnut Grove Park and it was about 45 degrees! The kids still had a lot of fun but because of the weather, no one stayed to picnic.

To make the hunt fair, the teachers number the easter eggs from 1-14 and then assign each child a number. Wryeton had the number 2! So we were off to find 14 eggs with the number 2! 

As you can see by the shorts and sudresses below, Kyler's egg hunt was a little warmer. It was a perfect spring day! Kyler was not so thrilled with finding his eggs. His teachers let them go and grab as many as they could and then she divided them evenly. I think he was intimidated by everyone running around and the craziness. After finding one egg, he started screaming and threw the basket across the courtyard. He settled down when he heard it was time to eat lunch (the boy never misses a meal!)

Kyler with his class- the sun was in his eyes. 

Kyler pouting after he threw his easter basket. 

Everyone have a Happy Easter and remember the reason we celebrate- because HE is Alive!!