Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wryeton's 5th Birthday Puppy Party

This is a double post from my Pampered Princess Party blog, but I am posting it here too for friends and family. 
]Last Saturday, the months of planning and creating came together for Wryeton's 5th birthday puppy party. As the guests entered, they visited the grooming station where they got puppy ears, a puppy nose, and freckles.

Next, it was on to the adoption center to pick out our puppies and stuff them with love.

The guests had to name their puppies and they made a dog collar using stretchy cord and pony beads. We wrote the puppy's name on a metal rimmed key tag and attached it to the dog collar.

We played "trainer says" but I don't have any pictures of that- sorry :(

It was then time for cake! The kids sat down to the puppy-themed table. I used dog bone scrapbook paper for the placemats, my 49 cent Ikea dog bowls, the topiary I worked on FOREVER, 2 black candlesticks I found at Hobby Lobby on 80% clearance, and a feather boa.
My topiary was inspired by the topiary Party Planning Mom used at her Strawberry Shortcake party.

After all the planning and creating, I didn't dare make my own cake! I found a shaggy dog cake from Publix and switched out their red ribbon for a pink and white polka dot bow. I really wish Fig and Ruby lived near me because their sweet puppy cake is So Cute!

For the party favors, I made up little bags of graham cracker bones and velvet color mini-posters with my own label that coordinated with the invitations I created. Thank you Pumpkin Petunia for the idea (although yours are a lot cuter)!!!

Now on to plan the next birthday!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An American Girl Day

I've been wanting to let Wryeton pick out an American Girl doll out for while but wanted to be sure she was responsible enough to take care of it. I felt like five was a good age. She's no longer a preschooler...she's a big girl now.

So on Wryeton's birthday, Michael and I headed up to North Point Mall to the American Girl Store without Kyler so she could pick out her very own America Girl doll. We walked circles in the store at least 5 times before Wryeton decided on a doll that favored herself. She also got a cheerleading outfit and a two purple American Girl Store shirts- one for her doll and the other for herself so they could match

I'm still having a hard time explaining to Michael the importance of an America Girl doll vs. a wal-mart doll (honestly, sometimes the price is hard for me to swallow, too!). Nevertheless,
Wryeton loves "Liz" and tries to take her everywhere!