Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wryeton and Kyler's First Fishies!

In December, Wryeton found a princess fishing rod at Bass Pro shop and couldn't stop talking about how much she wanted a rod just like that so she could go fishing with her Daddy and Dadaddy (Grandaddy Giddens). Dadaddy and Granny surprised her with it on Christmas and it wasn't until this week that she was actually able to use it. On Sunday we decided to worship God and his nature by going fishing on the Ocmulgee River. It's amazing how much peace you can feel in nature.

We were a little nervous how the kids would do with all the slippery rocks, but they jumped right into the river! Wryeton caught her very first fish with a little help from Dadaddy.

Wryeton caught about 7 fish that day!

After spending the day at the river and seeing how much fun Wryeton had, I decided to start a journal with her. Wryeton dictates every single word as I write, then she gets to draw a picture. Here is her journal entry about fishing at the river.

Here are some other fun pictures from the river:

Everyone took a few spills!