Monday, July 21, 2008

More Pictures from the beach!

Sorry... I just got the pictures off Michael's camera and had to share some more "candid" photos!

You can't have too many toys on the beach, right?!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ft. Walton 2008

Our yearly beach trip has come and gone and while we talk about how we need to go more often, it is always a once a year thing. Talking about going more often gives us hope and helps keep us from getting depressed as we are driving our 6 hour drive home.

We had a great time while we were there, though. Wryeton and Kyler are old enough to stay down on the beach for longer periods of time (especially with our tailgating tent up). Their favorite activity by far is building sandcastles with Dadaddy (Grandaddy Giddens). I do need to clarify, though, that it is Wryeton that helps and Kyler that stomps them down.

Wryeton started packing for the beach at least a month prior. I set out a laundry basket and she was constantly putting items in there that we would need for the beach and didn't want to forget. She insisted we buy her gogglers (goggles) and a face mask. How many times did she actually use them? She didn't! But, she felt complete knowing that they were in the beach basket.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures...