Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Kyler has this odd obsession with toothbrushes and it's to the point where no one's toothbrush is safe around him. Mind you, he has several of his own, but he has decided ours are much more desirable to use. Michael and I have had to buy more toothbrushes in the past month than we have probably ever bought in our life. This is because we don't dare use them again, because who knows where they've been!  We find them on the floor, in the toilet, in the toy bins, and under our sheets. My favorite, though, has to be one of the many times we were in a hurry leaving the house. I glanced down after grabbing my purse and saw Kyler streaking out of the house with my toothbrush. Before I could say anything, he ran to the nearest ant hill and started stirring my toothbrush around in the dirt. As I'm running toward him yelling "NO" he promptly sticks the dirty toothbrush in his mouth. Now we're dealing with him gagging as I am making sure no ants made it onto the toothbrush and into his mouth. All I can think is a saying that you will hear me say OFTEN- "Boys are a totally different Breed!"

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